Ruth Denison – The Silent Dance of Life

Documentary & Website by Aleksandra Kumorek

“The Silent Dance of Life” is the first feature length documentary on Ruth Denison and her meditation center “Dhamma Dena” in the Mojave Desert of California. Now aged ninety-two Ruth is a pioneer of Buddhism in the West and a groundbreaker for women everywhere.

Ruth is among the first western women authorized by an Asian master to teach Vipassana meditation. For over forty years Ruth taught meditation around the world. She has helped thousands of people work through tremendous pain and suffering.

Flamboyant and unconventional, Ruth’s style is truly unique. She is especially known for her work with trauma. Through her compassion, wisdom, and clarity of mind she has guided many individuals to heal their heart and mind, and create a new life.

This website will contain around 100 hours of Ruth Denison´s teachings: Ruth´s formal and informal Dharma talks, celebrations and guided meditations.

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I am very sad to announce that Ruth Denison died on February 26th 2015 in her meditation center in the Mojave Desert / California. My sadness is beyond tears.

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The following videos give you a brief insight into our footage - more than 100 hours of Ruth´s profound yet humorous teachings on life and death, happiness and suffering.

Jack Kornfield`s Visit

For many years Ruth has been friends with Jack Kornfield, who visits her regularly in Dhamma Dena, her center in the Mojave Desert. This is a short excerpt of his visit in May 2013.

Anger & difficult emotions

How can we cope with anger and difficult emotions? This is a short excerpt of Ruth´s dharma talk on anger.

Wedding of Nick & Sakti

Nick and Sakti are two longterm students of Ruth. Their wedding is not only a celebration, Ruth turns it into a profound Dharma talk about partnership and love.

"The Golden Screwdriver"

Ruth gave this Dharma talk during the Holiday retreat 2012/13. At the beginning Ruth talks about her teacher U Ba Khin. Then Ruth explains that we should feel the Dharma in every drop of your blood and we should use a "golden screwdriver" to get the Dharma deep into our system.